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CUSC is Canada's longest standing and foremost provider of undergraduate student satisfaction and experience surveys.  Since CUSC's inception in 1994, universities across Canada have jointly implemented surveys of their undergraduate students to be able to better understand and serve their students. The surveys run once a year in the Winter term and operate on a three year cycle, alternating between first year students, middle years students, and graduating students. 

On its 20th anniversary, CUSC, launched an improved suite of surveys where a brand new Survey of Middle Years Students replaces the Survey of All Undergraduates. The improved surveys maintain their focus on the Canadian university student experience by collecting information on what students expect of their university, their motivations for going to university, whether they have a goal in mind, and their development.  The three surveys contain common questions that allow universities to track changes in student satisfaction and success from first year to -middle years to graduating year.

If you have any questions about participation in CUSC, or the improved suite of surveys, please contact us.

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You can also have additional information on the 'Taking Part' page. For technical issues you can email directly Linda Kupp.

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